Hong Kong plans to develop a number of seal companies

Hong Kong's chief executive said on Friday that the security law would only target "a very small number of illegal and criminal acts" and said that "the lives, property, basic rights and freedoms of the vast majority of citizens will be protected." China's central government has made similar comments in the past week.

Executive Solutions Ltd works closely with clients to set up china virtual office, helping you to enter the Chinese market at lowest prices in China. Contact us at 31882245 to make doing business in China simple and easy!One of the Hong Kong people who the chief executive plans to stay. She wants to be close to her elderly parents and be alert to the challenges she may face overseas. "I may encounter other problems, such as racial discrimination," said Luo Kangrui, who studied in New York and worked in Beijing. " "I will not regret my decision to return to Hong Kong. Now that we are here, we should try our best to protect our home. "

How to use company seal hong kong? In Hong Kong, under the New Companies Ordinance (NCO), companies are no longer required to have a common seal. Contact Executive Solutions Ltd to know more.The Managing Director of Central plains Immigration Consultants (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. said that his company now receives as many as 100 inquiries from Hong Kong people interested in moving to countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada every day. Taiwan, Malaysia and portugal are also becoming increasingly popular.

Critics of the Chinese Communist party worry that it will use the law to crack down on dissidents and undermine the principle of "one country, two systems" that has separated the administration of justice in Hong Kong from the mainland since the handover in 1997. In a survey of 9477 pro-democracy supporters conducted by the Hong Kong public opinion programme (Hong Kong public Options program) last week, 96 per cent expressed opposition to the law. Among those who said they did not support democracy, 29 per cent opposed it and 62 per cent supported it.

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